School Admissions

How to proceed to your school of choice

School Advisors

YMCA provides 1-on-1 counsel for students wishing to go on to higher education. The advisors will give detailed advice to students and help them all the way through until they have been accepted into a school. Advisors will give advice about how to study for each subject on the entrance exams, they will hold practice interviews, and help students with school applications. In actuality, every year, most of YMCA Japanese language students are accepted into universities, graduate school and technical schools.


  • April
    • individual interview, career survey
  • May
    • School guidance
  • June
    • Practice EJU(Examination for Japanese Uuniversity Admission for International Students)
  • July~August
    • Study skills classes for subjects other than Japanese (math, science etc)
  • September
    • advising for interview skills
    • university introductory seminars
  • November
    • Practice EJU(Examination for Japanese Uuniversity Admission for International Students)
    • Japanese Language Proficiency pre-Test
  • October ~ December
    • Practice interviews and guidance
  • January
    • Technical School introductory seminars

Acceptance List


Graduate Schools

  • Master Course
    • Osaka University
    • Nara Women’s University
    • Kwansei Gakuin University (Political Science)
    • Osaka City University (Economic Policy Studies, Management)
    • Doshisha University (Theology)
    • St. Andrew’s University (Economic Policy Studies)
    • Nihon University
  • Research Students
    • Kyoto University
    • Osaka Univeristy (Social Linguistics)
    • Nara Womens University, Wakayama University
    • Kansai University (Information Science, Management)
    • St. Andrew’s University (Economics)
    • Otemon University (Management, Literature)

National Universities

  • Osaka Prefectural University
  • Shiga University (Economics)
  • Osaka University of Education
  • University of Shimane (Political Science)
  • Nara Women’s University (Literature)
  • Wakayama University (Education)

Private Institutions

  • Kwansei Gakuin University (Political Science, other)
  • Kansai University (Economics, other)
  • Doshisha University (Economics, Art)
  • Ritsumeikan University (Management, Economics, Law)
  • Bunka Women’s University (Garden Art)
  • Heian Jogakuin (St. Agnes’) University (International Tourism)
  • Hannan University (International Communication, International Tourism)
  • St. Andrews University (Management, Economics, International Studies, Social Welfare)
  • Osaka University of Economics (Economics)
  • The Osaka University of Economics and Laws (Economics)
  • Meijo University (Urban Studies)
  • Ryutsu University of Economics
  • Ryukoku University (Economics and International Studies)
  • Shikoku University (Calligraphy)
  • Setsunan University(Management)
  • The Osaka Institute of Technology (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering)
  • Osaka Industrial University (Human and Environmental Studies, other)
  • Osaka University of Commerce (Economics)
  • Otemon University(Management, Economics)
  • Tezukayama University (Management, Economics, Law and Policy)
  • Tenri University
  • Hagoromo International University(Industrial Management)
  • Sonoda Gakuen University (Communication)

Junior College

  • The Kyoto University of Art and Design (Information Design Course)
  • Poole Gakuin Junior College (Secretarial Course),
  • Kyoto College of Economics (Tourism)
  • Osaka Women’s Junior College (Fashion)
  • Hakuho Women’s College (Humanities)


  • Osaka YMCA International College (Hotel, International Business, English)
  • ECC International College of Foreign Languages (Communication, English, College Preparatory Course)
  • Ehle Institute (Applied Japanese)
  • Tera Gaigo Senmon Gakko (Applied Japanese, Trade Business)
  • Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College (Travel, Tourism, Hotel)
  • International College of Tourism
  • Osaka Communication Art College
  • Osaka School of Music (Music Business)
  • Osaka Mode Gakuen (Make-up)
  • Osaka Business College (Office Staff)
  • Osaka Foreign Language College (Business, English)
  • Osaka Information Computer Science College (Web Design)
  • Osaka College of Technology
  • Osaka Art College (Design)
  • Kansai Design College
  • Nihon Computer Vocational School (Digital Creator)
  • Nihon Designer Gakuin (Interior Design)
  • Hiko – Mizuno College of Jewelry (Fashion)
  • Kanko- Gaigo College (Travel, International Tourism, English, Japanese - English Interpretation, Japanese – Chinese Interpretation)
  • Seifu Institute of Information and Technology (Career)
  • Tsuji Cooking Academy
  • Tsuji Academy, Cooking and Confectionery Vocational School
  • Tennoji School of Accounting
  • Le Toa Beauty Academy
  • Tokyo International Information Business College
  • Umeda Business College
  • Hyogo Scientific Technology College
  • Osaka School of Music
  • Osaka Kenko Fukushi SenmonGakko

Candidate Schools

The following is a listing of schools with which the YMCA has an agreement about admission of foreign students.
Students with superior grades and attendance may qualify for a recommendation.

  • Kansai Gakuin University (Political Science)
  • Ritsumeikan University
  • St. Andrews University
  • Hannan University (Cross-Cultural Communication)
  • Otemon Gakuin University (International Management / International Economics)
  • Poole Gakuin (Cross-Cultural Studies)
  • Tezukayama University (Political Law)
  • Hakuho Women’s Junior College (Humanities)
  • Kyoto College of Economics
  • Hagoromo Gakuen Junior College