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Comprehesive Japanese Language  Course


Comprehensive Japanese and Higher Education Entrance Course
This course is specifically designed for students who are pursuing higher education at a Japanese university or graduate school. This course will provide a balanced education in the four basic technical skills of Japanese (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and highly improve these skills which are necessary for students going on to higher education or to conduct research in a Japanese environment. Students will study in Japanese and learn about Japanese culture and society, world geography and history in order to pass the EJU (The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students / Nihon-Ryugaku Shiken). They will also study for the TOEFL test which is necessary for the entrance examination and university study. In addition, they will make a yearly schedule for their career, receive guidance on their study life and practice interviews.

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*Students can apply for a "College student" visa.

Practical Japanse Language Course


Japanese language that is practical for daily life and for use in business.
This course offers Japanese classes which are useful for daily life and business. This course is also for students who need short-term language study, or for students who wish to enter a vocational school which do not require the EJU (=the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students). The beginner and intermediate courses provide basic Japanese classes. The four technical skills are divided into two related groupings, listening-speaking and reading-writing, so that the students are able to improve their Japanese abilities intensively and effectively. In the advanced course, more than 50% of classes are electives. Students can select five electives which match their own study purpose from within the following themes, Business, Japanese Culture and Test-preparation.

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*Students can apply for a "College Student" visa.

Summer Intensive Course


2-week Japan Experience During the Summer
Don’t you want to spend 2 weeks of your summer experiencing Japan? In addition to language study, students can get a taste of Japanese culture – flower arrangement, tea ceremony, calligraphy, wearing yukata and more. Students will have the chance to interact with Japanese people and travel in Osaka and Kyoto. Interested students can sign up for a homestay. You can enjoy a fulfilling summer with this program.
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*Students cannot get a student visa.
*Extracurricular activities may change each year.