Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School was established in 1969. For more than 40 years, we have a lot results in Japanese language education. Comprehensive Japanese Launguage Course is specifically designed for students who are pursuing higher education at a Japanese college or technical school. Practical Japanese Language Course offers Japanese language study that is useful for daily life and for business. Summer Intensive Program includes a variety of cross-cultural activities. In addition to language study, students can experience Japanese culture and ife... ....flower arrangement, tea ceremony, calligraphy, kimono dressing, etc. Students will have the chance to communicate with Japanese people and travel around Osaka. Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School offers high quality of teaching. Instructors have great achievements and we work hard to respond students’ individual needs. We try our best to support students' goals. Osaka YMCA students can learn advanced Japanese comprehensively – listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will have the ability to pass level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Level 1 is the necessary level to enter university or graduate school. These best-seller textbooks were developed by YMCA Japanese language instructors. They are used at many Japanese Language Schools. Some of the authors of these texts are currently teaching at Osaka YMCA and providing lessons of exceptional quality. Elective class of Practical Japanese Language Course: "Product development project" Presentation to support announcement skills. Of course, you can enjoy school events or have good association with your best friends. Cherry blossoms: You can enjoy Japanese seasonal events in Osaka.

Comprehensive Japanese Course
6-month ~ 24-month program,
full-time course

This comprehensive Japanese program is designed for students aiming for higher education in universities. We offer in-depth guidance not only for Japanese but also for basic subjects such as social study, mathematics, and English. This is a "College Entrance Preparation Course" approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. If you need, you can apply for "Student College Visa”.

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Practical Japanese Language Course
3-month ~ 24-month program,
full-time course

This practical course will equip you with Japanese skills necessary for living and conducting business in Japan. This course is suitable for people who aim at Language Training or who would like to go on to vacational school in Japan. You can acquire necessary Japanese Language skill. We offer variety of contents. For example, we have class for learning Japanese culture, current topics and preparation for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). If you need, you can apply for "College Student Visa".

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  • 27th June 2018

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  • Information about the Honor Student System
  • 30% off from your tuition fee, if pass the Japanese Proficiency Test higher than Level 2 (N2).
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Osaka YMCA Gakuin
The Japanese Language Department
9-52 Minamikawahori-cho,Tennoji-ku,
Osaka-City. Post code: 543-0054

TEL : 06-6779-8364
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Introductory Japanese Class


Osaka YMCA offers scholarships for Japanese language study to missionaries and Christian workers. Scholarships are also available to NPO and NGO staff workers whose organizations are carrying out social justice / peace effort endeavors.


Osaka YMCA offers scholarships to exceptional students. Students having college student or pre-college student visa status are eligible for this scholarship. You can read comments from former recipients.